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- CENTRALLY YOURS- The Heritage Tour
Feel the energy of Barbados in the City … Get a sense of the vitality and culture for which we are known.  It’s all about Barbadian Heritage.

We start with a colourful introduction to local arts and crafts, the right mix of graphic rhythm infused with brilliant talent.  You can freely shop and buy memorabilia which can be sent on to your place of residence.  You will see products borne from talents which supersede your every expectation … You can never be disappointed with our home-grown creations.

Explore magnificent Caribbean Architecture, amazing building which stand proud within our traditions.

Visit Museums and famous houses which all tell a rich and beautiful story of legacy and customs.


Learn about the Amerindians, the first settlers of Barbados or stand in the same room as George Washington. This amazing house accommodated a young man, who had no idea at the time, that he would become the “First Father” of his Country … A leader.  Experience a taste of life in the 18th century.

Enjoy the delicious flavours of Bajan Fare in more ways than one with fabulous cuisine and a visit to the Rum Factory.  Learn the processes and techniques of this famous beverage.

Stay awhile, enjoy … You will be transported home afterwards.

  *Please note: To accommodate younger members on Tour, there is a version which omits the visit to Mount Gay in favour of an alternative stop.



- Exploration in the City, vivacity & spirit of Barbadian Heritage

    - Local skills … Arts & Crafts

    - Barbadian structural design and style

  • - Museums, exhibitions, history and lifestyles

    - Local beverages and tastes

    - Cherished local landmarks


  • (Mount Gay Special)
    *Specify your choice in the Optional Notes section.

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