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- SIMPLY ENCHANTING - The East Coast Tour
This Tour concentrates on rustic charm and picturesque beauty as the focus.

View the only complete and last Sugar Mill to operate in Barbados. Observe the Mill Museum exhibits of photographs and machinery, visitors can also climb up into the Mill to view the inner workings.

Experience an exciting Wildlife Reserve, a taste of the Safari in Barbados.  See the Green Monkey and other inhabitants in a natural habitat.  You can stroll without restriction and view Birdlife as well as Iguanas, Flamingos, Snakes, Turtles, Tortoises and other Native and Non-Native Animals. 


Pass through the nearby Forest, in addition, to complete the expedition event.


Experience awesome coastline views, the rugged natural beauty of this stunning area is a must see for visitors to the island.  The clashing ferocity of the waves against the shoreline is an excellent stop for photographs.

Let’s not forget the high outlooks which this area affords.  A chance to further enjoy panoramas which you previously only imagined.  They are real! They are here.

Take a break with lunch at a most pleasant area, with traditional Bajan flavours on the menu.  Try something different, experience new tastes and combinations.

You will also view Architecture and magnificent structures in addition to Park features. 



- Complete & functional, Traditional Mill

- Breathtaking views

- Fabulous Scooter runs

- Animals in their natural habitat

  • - Wonderful architecture

    - Coastline features

    - Traditional Bajan Cuisine

    - Exploration & Adventure

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