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- AMAZING AMBIANCE - The South East Tour
Experience supreme nostalgia, excitement and adventure with this atmospheric Tour.  It combines spectacular scenic beauty with a touch of exploration, discovery, vitality and history.

The theme for this Tour is inspired and takes direction from the South East areas of the Island, with its abundance of fascinating history, splendor and aura.

You will enjoy parks and exploratory areas and the famous ruins of Sam Lord’s Castle.  View the remains which still echo the magnificence of this once exquisite palace/hotel; learn about the famous man himself and his fascinating story.



Then step back in time to a composed period in history; carriages, great tables & gentility.  See how they really lived in the Victorian era, become a part of their world, the richness and opulence of their Mahogany furnished living and dining areas, the way they dressed right back to Mediaeval times and suits of armour.  Learn and experience Colonial history.

Partake of sumptuous local cuisine, prepared to traditional flavours, accompanied by refreshing blends which are truly Bajan.

The South East Run is magnificent; the awe of exploration and reliving of a by-gone age.  This coupled with a touch of culture exemplifies Caribbean history in a fabulous way.   



- Historical Structures & Great Houses

- Museum Features, Outbuildings & Attractions

- Historical Lifestyles

  • - Ruins

    - Parks and Exploration Points

    - Bajan Cuisine

    - Coastline/ Beach Features


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