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- INTO WONDERLAND - The Nature Tour
Amidst the fertile, flourishing beauty of the zones, with its natural formations and verdant hues, you will find touches of stateliness and Barbadian hospitality which are a joy to behold.

Now renovated, the Harrison's Cave facilities are truly remarkable, uptown style developments which could grace the cover of any exclusive European magazine.  You will travel into a magical world of stalactites and stalagmites; natural formations which create a magnificent experience.

Explore a luxuriously tropical jungle, in a fertile, abundant environment.  A visit to one of Barbados best Gullies will give you the forest appeal you only previously imagined.


Experience a burst of colour and natural beauty surrounded by the delightful lines of natural floral creations, from many species of the exotic Orchid, to flora which is indigenous to the island.

Choose from ranges of local arts & crafts, fashioned to perfection, which can be transported to your place of residence or shipped home for your convenience.  A great way to remember your journey.

Have lunch amidst floral beauty or a magnificent Great House within lush grounds and Mahogany trees.

Enjoy the ecological, organic nature of this fascinating island, in a fun way.




- Lush Jungle Experience

- Cave Stalactite Formations

- Exotic Flora

- Natural Beauty

- Craft Skills/Memorabilia

- Green Monkey

- Sumptuous Lunch


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