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- BREEZY DELIGHT - The St. John & Surround Tour
Bask in the traditional history and local charm of St. John and the surrounding areas on this raw, breezy, picturesque Tour.

This is a chance to lay back and enjoy Barbados regional style. The energy, the flavours, the scenic story of a lifestyle within the magnificent architecture.

The very views are steeped in history and folktales passed on from generation to generation, then there are old favourites which typify Barbados and have become symbolic.

Beautiful, and active.  This lovely coastline area affords the rider to sample the waters and enjoy the Caribbean’s most precious commodity … Our beaches.  Bathe, have fun, enjoy.



Explore the charming and lush Andromeda Botanical Gardens, this inviting area is very playful, with whimsical touches, vibrant colour and a gift shop. It’s like stepping into a whole different world.

Lunch amidst a major hub of vibrant activity, a brisk atmosphere, with an invigorating, zesty backdrop.  Enjoy the catch of the day or any other fish you would like to try, whilst being a part of an active social area.

See the oldest Theological College in the western hemisphere; set in breath-taking grounds, the very entry drive exemplifies the magnificence of the building itself.  An area so beautiful it is often reserved for the greatest of life celebrations, its exotic setting hence becoming part of valuable personal memories.




- Fascinating Local History

    - Breathtaking Cliff Top Views

    - Scenic Scooter Runs

    - Magnificent Architecture

    - Sea Bathing & Fun

    - Rugged Panorama

    - Whimsical Gardens

    - Delicious Fish Menu or alternative

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