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- AMAZING AMBIANCE - The South East Tour
The fantastic FUSION TOUR which gives you the best of both worlds.  Experience City life through the eyes of the Bajan Craftsman, then be transported to an exhilarating sea experience courtesy of a Catamaran Cruise.

It is always interesting to see crafts which are done to age old standards using techniques which are prepared by hand.  From rolling to moulding to boxing; smell and feel the leaves and see how premium cigars are made.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.

Enter the decadent world of chocolate, with this exciting interlude where you can learn the process of luxury chocolate.  See the machines, experiment with new flavours and you have the opportunity to purchase your favourites if you desire.

Visit a unique site, the Blackwoods Screw Dock, which is the only remaining Screw dock of its kind in existence in the world.

Take a walk through history as you enter the Historical Maritime Museum Centre.  Refresh yourself with a cold drink and snack, then prepare to be whisked away on an enchanting Sunset & Dinner Cruise.


Enjoy a refreshing swim before the Caribbean sun slips behind the horizon in a blaze of colours.  Enjoy a memorable dining experience as you sail along the beautiful coast of Barbados, basking in the final golden rays of sunshine. 

Sail and dance the night away or simply relax on the trampolines, which offer the best views.

This is enjoyable living at its best, with delicious local buffet, delectable desserts, open bar and music under the stars. 

Relax, relish … You will be transported home afterwards.




- Merge City experiences with a Catamaran Cruise

    - Swim & snorkel

    - Sail & Dance the night away

  • - Historical Maritime Centre

  • - See how Cigars are rolled by hand

    - Learn how luxury Chocolates are made

    - Taste the flavours and purchase Chocolate at great prices

    - Sumptuous buffet of local dishes


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