"Freedom to go Anywhere - Freedom to go Everywhere"


Paradise Fleet Scooter


Giving You Options!


We strive to accommodate for everyone’s taste.  Whilst some people feel relaxed and assured with the reliability of a Guided Tour, there are others who are fiercely independent with a taste for spontaneity and a thirst for creating their own adventure. 

If this sounds like you then you might enjoy our second option for touring the Island.  On a Self-drive tour you basically guide yourself.  No one will drive the tour for you … You just rent and ride, wherever you choose to go at the pace you wish to get there.

You can go on your own or in a group it is entirely up to you.


  1. We can give you suggestions if you require them
  2. We will give you road and safety tips and info
  3. Regular rental rates apply
  4. There are no meals included or venue entry arrangements as in the Guided Tours