"Freedom to go Anywhere - Freedom to go Everywhere"


Your needs are important … You want convenient transportation & quality service in a timely manner. Our mission at Paradise Scooter Rentals is not only to respect your requirements but to deliver with attention to detail and care, so that your experience runs smoothly and is a pleasant one.


Since the beginning we have focused on creating the best way for you to get around the island at attractive rates.  We originally opened on 16 May 2006 under the name Paradise Scooter Sales & Rentals.

Our Company has put careful thought into providing adequately for our customers and seeing that accessibility is convenient for all.

In 2009 we focused on visitors from the South Coast Hotels and Guest Houses and opened a location on the premises of the Allamanda Beach Hotel Limited.  We added bicycles to our fleet of Rental Vehicles so that everyone was catered for, even those without a vehicle licence.

We saw the necessity to provide for visitors who arrived on the cruise liners so they would have convenient and easy transportation for the day.  As a result we opened another location in 2010, at the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal Inc., Bridgetown Port, St. Michael. 

Provisions were extended for rentals, motorcycles and ATV’s, in addition to guided Island tours. Today our Tours are at a whole new level, offering you more exciting experiences than ever before. 

The growing demand for hired vehicles saw the introduction of our St. Lawrence Gap Location.  Now known as Paradise Scooter Rentals Inc.


Our Head Office is located at Demario’s Cycle World, Mason Hall Street St. Michael, where we now have streamlined, restructured and centrally concentrate most of our operations.

We are committed to providing true convenience and exceptional service. Our friendly staff are very knowledgeable, so you know that your interests are in safe hands, bridging distances and serving your requirements … Enjoy the journey.