"Freedom to go Anywhere - Freedom to go Everywhere"

Bicycle Fleet

Paradise Fleet Scooter


No Commitment, no Licence, no parking problems or gasoline … It’s the benefits of using a Bicycle.


Bicycles have always been convenient; it is one of the best ways to get around and experience the vitality of the city. You can also enjoy beaches, parks etc. in a liesurely manner, at your own pace.

A bicycle is also excellent for purposes of a recreational kind, like bicycle touring, nature biking, physical well-being, and games. Take it even further, get a few groceries in an effective way.  

    We at Paradise want you to enjoy your experience in a healthy and comfortable way:


  1. While you don’t have to use gasoline, you still need fuel.  Please ensure that you eat properly pre-ride to provide energy to power your muscles for your journey.  Foods which are easily digested, not too starchy or heavy, are the most beneficial to provide vitality.
  2. Ensure you have well-fitting shoes.  They need to be supportive, yet snug but still have enough leeway to capacitate any swelling of the feet.
  3. If you will be biking for a long time, like touring, you might consider using gloves for comfort and to counteract any possible numbness in your hands.  Gloves are available for purchase.