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Motorcycle Fleet

Haojue Lucky





If you are looking for a little step-up from a Scooter, consider a Motorcycle.  We offer two choices in Light Motorcycles for your selection.


This option is compact and neat, a comfortable ride with great climbing ability.  It is reliable with great manoeuvrability making it excellent for navigating through normal traffic.

This Bike features a stylish design with smooth lines and a fashionable wind deflector, with stunning details which makes it very attractive.

Parts which are installed flexibly to the motorcycle plus highly adjusted front and rear shock absorbers are known to significantly reduce vibrations and attain excellent high-speed stability and swerving control, giving you an exceptional, comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Honda Innova



The Honda Wave ... Ease of use, super fuel efficiency and sturdy reliability makes this an excellent choice for a dependable rental vehicle.



From a series of light Motorcycles, this model features an underbone design and separate body panels over a structural steel tube chassis. This excellent engineering coupled with the great steering provides you with great agility, with easy filtering through traffic. 

Another plus of this is that the suspension provides suitable comfort even when carrying a pillion rider.